Sunday, November 27, 2011

Are You All In

Are You All In is the term use by some internet marketers and entrepreneurs to an offers with more options and benefits in each categories of different levels. The same term were also in gambling, like for example in a widely known TV show, The Poker Tournament TV show shown live in several Television Channels world-wide. The Are You All In term that I mentioned here, refers to the term used by Empower Network to members or applicants who signed-up to them and purchased all the plans or packages of different levels who wants to avail discounts when they purchase the whole lot. For those who have already been in the business for quit a long time, prefer to "All In" because they knew that the systems will work. The following are the lists of package offers at different levels and categories when you sign-up; 1) Basic Affiliate package which includes the viral blogging system 2). The Inner Circle package 3.The Costa Rica package .The Masters package. Although everybody they did not really emphasize the required qualifications on a certain package and level, except that it defers only on pricing, numbers of hours or days of training and the places or venues where the special training will take place. And most of all the benefits that you will get as members defers exactly from package to package. After you signed-up to a certain package as your first pick, your option to buy the entire offer still open , there’s no limit nor any period imposed as to when your are going to avail other products. Before you decide to join, you’ll notice that you always get a certain kind of feeling, and maybe you’re even feeling it now…

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Someone else is using my account - Blogger Help

Someone else is using my account - Blogger Help

Someone is using my account and managed to retrieved some of my documents. What legal action should I make in order to punish the intruder/s /hackers.

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